Furniture One Testimonial

Hi we’re Natasha and Kristina from Furniture One in Australia. We’ve been using RapCo for over 10 years and they are reliable, safe and secure. They also create a great impression with our customer when we unveil their new sofa. There so easy to use and they come in different sizes for mattresses, lounges and chairs. We love RapCo!

Sleep Doctor

Hi I’m Chris from the Sleep Doctor in Canberra. We are a leading mattress and bedding retail group in Australia. We’ve been using RapCo’s Mattress bags for more than 5 years now. They really make the job of delivering mattresses a lot easier. Top end mattresses are becoming bulkier and heavier. Raps have handles and padding and prevent damage to our customer’s mattress and even their home. We sell a lot of adjustable beds and we use the Single bags for delivering the heavy bases.