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Makes moving easy

Without RapCo

With RapCo

Forget plastic bags. blankets and bubble wrap. There’s no need for sticky tape. scissors and knives. A RapCo is a professional removalists self-contained tool that can be used again and again and again…

RapCo’s are made of a tough waterproof nylon.On the corners and edges there are 3 layers to provide extra protection (shown
and a transparent pocket for the paperwork.

The handles are especially useful when the sofa needs to be tipped up on end for maneuvering through tight places like doorways and stairs.  before RapCo there was nothing to grip and that’s when damage could be caused

When it’s finished being used it goes back carry bag to used again and again and again…

How Rapco Works

Slip On

Zip Up

Tighten Straps

Lift With Ease

Specially designed grips makes it easy to carry.